“BAHAR” premiere on the Russian Lovestory Channel operated by Tricolor


MISTCO announced about “BAHAR”premiere on the Russian Lovestory Channel operated by Tricolor.

“BAHAR”, which consists of 114 episodes and is a co-production with US yapım (Hold My Hand, Angel ‘A Mother’s Struggle, Blackboard), tells the story of a young girl who struggles to keep the goodness within despite all the darkness. around. After witnessing his father’s murder, she tries to prove that Aysun (her stepmother) committed the murder.

On the other hand, the love of Bahar and Demir, who met a few days before the murder, grows day by day, but it becomes more impossible due to Aysun’s obsessive attachment to Demir and her determination to win Demir at all costs.

“BAHAR”’s Turkish premiere will be in Turkey very soon.

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