WingsMedia launched “Magnolia time” with Russian partners


Interview by Polina Semeniak

Louise (Luyi) Bao, International Exhibition Manager, WingsMedia is talking about WingsMedia’s experience on the World Content Market – Moscow 2024.

Could you tell me more about your company? What did you bring to the market?

Our company is called WingsMedia. It’s a subsidiary company of Shanghai Media Group.

We have a collabora project called “Magnolia time” with SPB TV Media and Vintera TV, it’s a special zone in streaming services dedicated to Chinese content. So far, we have released dramas, documentaries and variety shows.  This year we brought to the market such products as “A Green Trip”, “China before China”, “Silicone War” and others.

I know, that yesterday (29.05) you signed an important contract with SPB TV Media. Could you tell me more about it? How long did it take you to come to the agreement?

The agreement we negotiated with SPB TV Media is an agreement to extend our cooperation regarding the “Magnolia Time” project. It took us a few weeks to settle on the collaboration and finally sign it.

Did you personally take part in the negotiations? What was your role?

I spent many days attending meetings as a project manager. I learned a lot about the recent trends of the Russian Market.

And what impression did Moscow make on you personally? Would you like to come back as a tourist?

Moscow impressed me very much. The buildings of Moscow are magnificent, the streets are very clean and the people are nice and friendly there. I would definitely like to come back again!

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