The entertainment show “The Invisible Man”


This year, the TV3 channel has launched the 15th season of the popular show “The Invisible Man,” where six experts, who represents science or magic, try to guess who is the celebrity hiding in a secret room. After the break, the show was released in new scenery and with an updated line-up of experts. Only the host of the project remained unchanged – the magnificent Evelina Bledans.

The entertainment show “The Invisible Man” has been airing on Russian television since 2013. In just 14 seasons, 149 episodes of 48 minutes were released – so many celebrities were not afraid to come to the studio and hear a lot of unexpected and interesting things about themselves.

The project format was invented and developed by Russian authors and producers Olga Volodina, Elena Kotunova and Mikhail Krikunenko. The option to adapt the show was purchased in the USA, Spain, France, England and Ireland. The format is distributed by AVK Production.

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