Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi

4 x 25’

Format: FULL HD

Language: Russian

Vitya (DanilSteklov) and Borya (Philip Ershov) are young guys, who after their death find themselves in front of a mysterious mechanism. The machine resurrects them to «restore their karma», but every time in new bodies – guest workers, strippers, women, etc. Being in someone else’s body and facing their friends and family members, they must fix their life mistakes. Could Vitya change his past life and will Borya understand on what sacrifices he has to go for his happiness?

Prizes and awards:

“Best Sci-fi Script” Rio Webfest (Brazil), November 2023

“Best Director”, “Best Cinematography”, Bilbao Seriesland Web

Festival (Spain). November 2023

“Best Fantasy Series” and “Best Dramatic Performance” (Danil

Steklov), Minnesota WebFest, (USA). October 2023

“Best Sound Design”, Melbourn WebFest (Australia). December 2023

Available as a format and a ready-made series.  

For more information please contact us:

Olga Volodina:,

Varya Orlova:

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