Moscow 2023

29-31 May 2023, Event Hall “InfoSpace”
29 May - 30 June 2023, Online

Almaty 2023

1-2 March 2023, Hotel Holiday Inn Almaty
1-30 March 2023, Online

Russia Key Buyers Report


Roeg’s superb, haunting film conveys a trek across the Australian desert by teenager Agutter, her young brother and the aboriginal boy who leads them to…

Go Go Dino Season 5

Trailer: Theme: Edutainment, adventures Length: 26×13’ Synopsis: Continuing their missions to protect all the residents in Ururu Planet, Rex and Go…

Lightning Quiz

Genre: Game Show, 60’ This thrilling game show challenges 2 teams of contestants to get as many correct answers as possible within just 2 minutes. If…

Go Go Dino Season 7

Trailer: Theme: Edutainment, adventures Length: 26 x12’ Synopsis: Little Jini, who claims to love dinosaurs, and her guards T-roc and…