Moscow 2022

Online: 10 May - 10 November 2022
Offline: 8-10 November 2022

Almaty 2022

Online: 8 September - 9 November 2022

Russia Key Buyers Report

Mountain Fortress

Genre: Documentary / History, Civilization Format: UHD Year: 2019 Duration: 60min x 1ep Mountain fortress, a beautiful and sad architect that people built…


3D Animation Series Season 1: 52ep*5 min Season 2: 52ep*5min Baby hippo Tony and baby elephant Tina are two best friends. They live in a “Cookie”…

Dream Teams

TIMELESS ENTERTAINMENT SERIES 52 x 26’ Trailer: Full Episode Screener:…

Human Nature, 52×30’

Genre: Kids Synopsis: HUMAN NATURE is a brand-new educational series with a fresh, unique format – a children’s entertainment talk…