Number Six


Format : 2 eps X 60 min

Genre : Romance, Drama, Mystery

Cast : Lee Min-hyuk (BTOB), Kang Yul, Baek Seo-yi, Joo Hyun-seung

It’s a web drama about six different loves between six friends. Won-Tak is a poor musician, and Min-Joo is a poor artist. They are husband and wife. The other two men and two women are from upper class. When they were high school students, they made a special group, studying, drawing, and hanging out together at Se-Jun’s house every day. While doing it, the four rich friends began to love spending time with Won-Tak and Min-Joo. One day, a secret arises that throws these 6 friends’ love and friendship into chaos. Then, 12 years pass by.

Contact Information:

Heewon Lim


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