Pumpkin Time


Format : 10 eps X 20min

Genre : Romance, Teen

Cast : Shin Hyun-Seung, Lee Soo-min, Yeo One (Pentaon), Choi Yu-jin (CLC)

‘It doesn’t matter if you are a women or a man. Because you are everything to me!’

‘Tae-Joo’ and ‘Hae-Won’ were unique friends for each other when they are in elementary school. However, after ‘Tae-Joo’ went abroad to study, their relationship gradually drifted apart.

A few years later, ‘Tae-Joo’ returns to Korea again and starts looking for ‘Hae-won’, but he can’t find him. Instead, there is a girl named ‘Hae-Yoon’ who looks strikingly similar to ‘Hae-Won’. In fact, ‘Hae-Yoon’ was ‘Hae-Won’ – he became a woman because of an unknown phenomenon during puberty.  In the end, will their friendship become love?


Contact Information:

Heewon Lim




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