Durian’s Affair


Format : 16 eps X 70min

Genre : Romance, Time Travel

Cast : Park Joo-mi, Kim Min-jun, Choi Myung-gil

Durian is married to a man from the Park family, but she secretly has feelings for Dol-se, her servant. Dol-se follows Durian after her marriage to look after her, but passes away while saving Durian. And So-jo, although she had arranged marriage with Durian’s son, they care for each other sincerely. But husband suddenly passes away.

One day, Durian and So-jo time travel to the present time and find out that their beloved ones have reincarnated as men in the rich ‘Dan’ family. As stories of their former lives unravel, the Dan family’s value, honor, and love relationship overturn.

Contact Information:

Heewon Lim




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