Taiga detective – to be continued


The AVK Production company has finished filming the new season of the series “Taiga Detective”. This is already the 5th season of the series about the beloved by viewers young detective Tatyana Tretyakova.

There are 4 episodes in the new season. The action takes place in a small taiga town, where a friendly team of operatives works at the local police department: Captain Tatyana Tretyakova, Major Sergei Pershin, department secretary Klava and department head Lieutenant Colonel Ilya Sagaida. This time the team will investigate two mysterious crimes in Lesnogorsk – the death of a ufologist at the place where meteorite has fallen and the murder of the organizer of the bard song competition “Voice of the Taiga”.

Director: Valentin Donskov. Producers: Olga Volodina, Elena Kotunova.


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