Bitch X Rich


Format : 10 eps X 30min

Genre : Teen, Thriller

Cast : Ye-ri (Red Velvet), Lee Eun-sem, Lee Jong-hyuk, Yoo Jung-hoo

What Hye-in needs is not a college degree, but classes for a civil service examination and a pair of luxury shoes to wear for an interview. One day, she accidently witnesses the murder of a high school girl and is offered to transfer to Chungdam International High School, every teenager’s dream school. However, Hye-in’s life doesn’t go easy from the first day of school as she gets on the wrong side of Jenna, ‘the queen’ of the school and a major suspect of the murder case. Will Hye-in be able to finish school as she planned?

Contact Information:

Heewon Lim


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