Walking in the Village


Format :

Season 1 – 10 eps X 60min / Season 2 – 10 eps X 60min /

Season 3 – 10 eps X 60min / Season 4 – 10eps X 60min /

Genre : Documentary (UHD 4K), Travel

Cast : Koo Bon-seung, Jung Bo-suk, Yoo Ji-sang

Seasons 1 to 3 visit some beautiful provinces in Korea. Host walk around in this analogue generation rooting for ‘hometown memories.’ As time flows, river and mountain change and new history is established.

Season 4 travels to Japan in winter depicting a small village in the countryside with low-lying houses. A family sits in a kotatsu and shares a simple but clean meal. The host Koo Bon-Seung introduces Japanese villages with a warm and pure gaze. A journey to find hidden stories and tastes now begins.

Contact Information:

Heewon Lim




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