Forest Dumb


TV animated series| 2021| Kids | 11*11’

This animated series for kids is about the stories of an imaginary forest.

The forest is full of laughter and adventure, making it a delightful animated series.

The tales that unfold within this imaginary realm are captivating.

The seemingly simple-minded hunter matches wits with a cunning fox and an egg with surprising intelligence.

Each 11-minute episode offers entertaining adventures, bringing beloved old stories to life with fresh narratives and engaging twists. The series is crafted straightforwardly, ensuring it resonates with its target audience. The animation is visually captivating and instantly appealing, drawing viewers deeper into the enchanting forest atmosphere. The relationships between the characters are unusual, resulting in humorous and sometimes exhilarating situations that reflect aspects of reality.

This animated series transports children to a world where imagination and laughter reign supreme, providing endless joy and entertainment. Embark on a journey of wonder and excitement in this extraordinary forest of stories.


Mohammad Sarshar – CEO
Shams Animation Company

Web site:
Mobile: +989125225884

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