TV animated series| 2024 |Preschool| Season 1: 26*7’

This is a preschool animated series about the daily life of a lovely humanoid lion family: Leona, Leo, Bro, Mama, and Daddy, who live together in a villa near other animal families.

Leona is about 5, Leo is three, and their older brother is nine. Leona is a happy and explorer little girl who is always with her younger brother Leo, a toddler, and playfulness.

Their elder brother enjoys reading books and inventing different things.

In each seven-minute episode, Leona and Leo face typical daily life issues of a young human child. With the help of her family and a group of minor animal friends, she navigates through issues, and by the end, it’s all smiles and a good experience.

For children, the relationship between Leona and her younger brother Leo is remarkably realistic and charming. Leona likes to be a supportive elder for Leo, but sometimes she suffers from the natural problems of her age, such as ignorance, jealousy, competition, etc. Fortunately, elders or their friends are usually around them.

This sweet and easy-going series is perfect for preschoolers. It features simple graphics and animation carefully designed for this age group.


Mohammad Sarshar – CEO
Shams Animation Company

Email: sarshar@shamsanimation.com
Web site: http://shamsanimation.com
Mobile: +989125225884

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