Animated series| 2023| Adult| 3 Season *26*2’

Bahlul and his talking donkey have disturbed the peace of the Sultan and the courtiers! The two of them walk around the city, see the people’s problems, and, with their unique jokes and ironies, ask the Sultan to correct these problems.
No one is safe in the Sultan’s palace from Bahlul’s sharp tongue and donkey. Bahlul criticizes the Sultan, the queen, the Sultan’s son, the judge, the merchant, the doctor, and all the city elders who visit the court and blames them for their inappropriate actions against the people.

Even the sheriff, with his low intelligence, is confused by Bahlul’s wise taunts, but he does not dare to arrest him, who is also Sultan’s cousin. Therefore, the crazy-looking Bahlul roams freely in the city, goes to the palace, and demands the rights of the poor people.

The sage Bahlul is a famous historical figure who died in 810 AD in Iraq. In the last years of his life, he pretends to be crazy so that he does not have to carry out the Sultan’s orders.

The people of West Asia and North Africa are familiar with the historical stories of Bahlul.

Bahlul comic animation series adapted from the life stories of this famous character, produced in two-minute episodes. Although these social satirical stories take place in a historical context, they are the issues of today’s society.


Mohammad Sarshar – CEO
Shams Animation Company

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Mobile: +989125225884

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