The Troll hills (Movie)


Animated movie| 2024| Kids| 85’

Genius is a child inventor who is playful and a little mischievous. He lives in a very traditional village. Villagers, generation after generation, are afraid of the Troll hills. This fear has intensified since the headman’s son left the school and never returned.

In such a way, the headman forbade all children from leaving the village.

The livelihood of the villagers is difficult. Genius wants to improve the farmers’ lives with his inventions, but no one is interested in change in their traditional village. Until the news arrives, the headman plans to appoint a successor.

enius decides to win by participating in competitions. With the help of his friends, he successfully passes the various stages, but in the final stage of the competition, everything falls apart when the tractor robot breaks down. Genius’s fierce rival is chosen as the winner of the competition and the successor of the headman. The space for Genius is getting close.

Now, Genius must choose between staying in the village and abandoning his inventions or embarking on a strange and dangerous journey to the troll hills and facing the biggest fear of the villagers. A challenging and adventurous journey that will lead to more significant problems.


Mohammad Sarshar – CEO
Shams Animation Company

Web site:
Mobile: +989125225884

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