Drama, 45 min, In production

Feraye, a textile design student and housekeeper at a wealthy Gülsoy family mansion in Cappadocia, has a flaw in her affection for Yaman, one of the family’s heirs. Her father, Muhsin, married Cemile, who was cruel to the family. Ateş, the eldest child, returns to his native Cappadocia where his grandfather has grander plans for him. Yaman plans to propose to Feraye, but she meets Bora, a shady character. Bora is hospitalized, and Yaman remains silent to protect his family. Yaman is now forced to wed Aleyna as a result of threats made by an eyewitness. Aleyna deceives Feraye, leading to her insane behaviour. Ateş saves her and they learn she is expecting a baby. Both loves are unable to reveal their truths, and Ateş will eventually fall in love with Feraye.

Contact: Gozde Dinc Ozcan – Sales Deputy Manager –

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