A Time to Remember


Genre: Fantasy Romance

Production: Contact Media

Director: Hwang Kyung Seon

Duration: Movie ver. 100min / Web Drama ver. 10min X 20eps

Release: September 2021 (Movie) / November 2021 (Web Drama)                           

Cast: Sung Yeol (Infinite) / Binnie (Oh My Girl)

Story Line: Jung Woo-jin, the smiling and handsome guy, who is all sold-out maker for his wearing & tying & all things. The perfect next-generation rising star remembers his every fan’s names. Perfect for him, but he had a sick. It is a kind of disease that remembers everything, not for every little thing. Even it is not disease to die, but it sometimes gives Jeong Woo-jin a hell. It’s like going into that moment and living back in that time, feeling the emotion of the moment.

The female Hae-su who suddenly appeared before Woo-jin. She is a woman who lives with only a month’s memory as opposed to him.

This drama is a love story between a man who remembers everything and a woman who lives with only a month’s memory!!

Contact information:

Email: lhy8818@naver.com

Phone: +82 10 3749 5573

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