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Young Contents Co.,Ltd is producing and distributing Korean contents to worldwide.

Y&C’s CEO, Lee Hyo-young had worked for KBS Media for more than 26 years as a head of Global Marketing Department. After having worked as a CEO for Hunus Entertainment which is a drama production & management company for 2 years, then He established his own company Young&Contents.

During his working for KBS Media, He was one of the most distinguished contributors to the export of Korean contents that led the distribution of numerous dramas such as “Winter Sonata,” “Full House,” and “Boys Over Flowers” to global markets.

After He got independent, He has been selling a lot of Korean dramas to many countries, Y&C is now distributing some brand-new dramas <The Crown Prince Disappeared>, <Perfect Marriage Revenge>, <High School Return of A Gangster>, <My Friend’s Graduation Ceremony>, etc., including Korean legendary dramas <Boys over Flowers>, <Playful Kiss>, <Naeil’s Cantabile>, <Birdie Buddy>, and so on… And Y&C is also selling Korean Ips (Formats or Remake Rights) & K-pop Music & Webtoon contents.

Y&C is a expecting company that will be rapidly growing to a global big contents group. We hope that we can make a long-term partnership and a win-win relationship in the near future.

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+82 10 3749 5573

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