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Genre: documentary

Format: Season1 4eps+Season2 4eps+Season3 4eps = Total 12eps

Release: S1-2019 / S2-2022 / S3-2023

Channel: JTBC / TV Chosun

Log Line:

In the digital age,
actor, Jang Dong-gun finds the value of human beings.
In a forests of books, visiting the most beautiful bookstores in the world, he seeks a slow utopia of life


Part 1 : <Xianfeng, My Beautiful Lovers> (China)
Part 2 : <Shakespeare in Parie> (France)

Part 3 : <Crayonhouse> (Japan)
Part 4 : <More Than Just a Bookstore> (Korea)


Part 1 <Going to Heaven’s Bookstore> (Netherlands)

Part 2 <Book, Gets Eternal Breaths> (UK)

Part 3 <When Flowers Bloom in the Old Garden>(Austria)

Part 4 <bookstore of mythology> (Greece)


Part 1 <The Library of Tango and Babel> (Argentina)

Part 2 <Between Passion and Coolness> (Russia)

Part 3 <Bookstores and Artists Story Heaven> (Hungary)

Part 4 <Stay, read, love> (Taiwan) Passcode: young

Contact information:


Phone: +82 10 3749 5573

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