High School Return of A Gangster


Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Comedy

Format: 70 min x 8 Episodes

Writer: Jung, Da-hee 

Director: Lee, Sung-taik (Love Class on Netflix, Watcha) 

Cast: Yoon, Chan-young (as Song, Ee-hun, “All Of Us Are Dead” on Netflix), Bong, Jae-hyun (as Choi, Se-kyung, a member of Golden Child), Lee, Seo-jin

Original Story by HOROL (web novel on RIDI) 

Production Number Three Pictures, INC

Platform: Waave(Will be released in April 2024)

Log Line: A spirit of a middle school dropout gangster who accidentally possesses an 18-year-old boy’s body who killed himself, goes back to High school to take a revenge against the bullies with his gangster skills and encounters unexpected relationship.


(Password: number33*)

Contact information:

Email: lhy8818@naver.com

Phone: +82 10 3749 5573

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