Perfect Marriage Revenge


Genre: Romance, Rebirth, Revenge

Format: 60min x 12eps

Director: Oh Sangwon (“Marriage and Divorce” / TVChosun and etc.)

Writer: Im Seora (Feel Good to Die / KBS) 

Platform: MBN (Broadcasted from 2023. 28th Oct. to 3rd Dec.)

Production: Studio Jidam

Original: Lee Bumbae (Naver Web Novel White paper on Newlyweds’ life, 101 episodes)

Currently Naver webtoon is still on (Thursday)

Casts: Sung Hoon, Jeong Yu-min

Log Line: On the day of witnessing the betrayal of her husband Se-huk who loved her step-sister, the sister who died in a car accident, was reborn a year ago. And she dreams of dizzying and secret perfect re-birth revenge through the contract marriage with the man who step-sister loves, to avenge her family, step-sister, and her husband who persecuted her.

Contact information:


Phone: +82 10 3749 5573

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