Genre: Drama

Original Title: Kader Oyunları

Producer:  MISTCO& ÜS Yapım

Duration: 114×45’

Cast: Ali Yasin Egemen, Türkü Su Demirel, Hilal Yıldız, Isabella Damla Güvenilir

Mankind has been tested for centuries on the verge of good and evil. Our identity is determined by our destiny, and our destiny is determined by the choices we make on the verge of both.

Co-produced by MISTCO and ÜS YAPIM, BAHAR (100×45’) is the story of a young girl who is struggling to keep the goodness inside despite all darkness around. After witnessing the murder of her father, she is trying to prove that Aysun (her stepmother) committed the murder. On the other hand, the love between Bahar and Demir who met just days before the murder grows day by day but becomes even more impossible since Aysun (her stepmother) is obsessively attached to Demir and determined to win Demir at any cost.


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Head of Marketing / Zeynep Kayrak (

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