The Joy Of My Lıfe


Original Title: Hayatımın Neşesi

Genre: Family Drama

Broadcaster: TRT

Producer: Goya Entertainment

Year: 2023

Duration: Ongoing

Nese is a 40-year-old married housewife with three children. While dealing with the puberty crisis of her eldest daughter Zeynep and the problems between the three siblings, she occasionally tries to ask her husband Mustafa for help, but when it comes to children, Mustafa knows as much as a tourist knows about this country. He sees Nese as a life partner. Her role is obvious; she will look after the home, kids, and family while Mustafa works and brings in the bread. So they will live happily ever after.

They met years ago during their university years while Mustafa was about to complete his studies at the business department and Nese was in her fifth year of studying medicine. Within six months, their love flared up so much that Nese agreed to drop out of school and marry Mustafa. Her mother Ruchan strongly objected, but Nese did not back down from her decision.

In the 20 years that have passed, Nese has been a good mother, a good daughter-in-law, and a good wife. She takes care of everything in the family. She does so much to make the lives of so many people easier that poor Nese has forgotten the last time she did something for herself.  But one day, Serdar, the youngest brother of Mustafa, invites his girlfriend to a family dinner, and Nese’s life changes drastically. After Nese, Aylin will be the second bride in the family. She is a well-groomed, beautiful young woman. Taking advantage of the amnesty, Neşe re-enters the school of medicine. A brand new life begins for Neşe.


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