My Lovely Family


Original Title: Benim Güzel Ailem

Genre: Family Drama

Broadcaster: TRT

Producer: Fabrika Yapım

Year: 2023

Duration: Ongoing

My Lovely Family focused on a middle-class, large family that is connected to its traditions and to each other. Canan and Rasim, the parents of the Akyol Family, live in a detached but moderate house in one of the neighborhoods of Istanbul that has retained its local culture and historical texture. They earn their living from their own patisserie shop in the same neighborhood. Rasim and Canan, who have 4 children and 3 grandchildren, are an exemplary couple with their 40-plus years of marriage.

Canan tries to convince Rasim that all her children are happy and that they have no problems. In fact, things are not like that at all. Derya suddenly decides to leave her husband Nedim. While Öznur cannot accept the sale of her house and returns to her father’s home, two therapists Kaan and Öznur gradually come to the point where they need therapist support. While the family is suddenly mixed with all these events, the youngest daughter Damla of the house decides to get married. The weight on Rasim’s shoulder gets slightly lighter. Damla will not make an unhappy marriage. She will marry the person she loves. Damla has another surprise for her father. Damla will never leave his side, which means that her fiance Oğuz will live with them. Meanwhile, all the lies begin to come out one by one. It’s now up to Canan to put the broken family back together.


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Managing Director/ Aysegul Tuzun (
Head of Marketing / Zeynep Kayrak (

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