Shani (The Lord of Karma)


Lord Shani, commonly known as the Lord of Justice or Karma is considered as the representor of the planet Saturn and the symbol of bad omen and hardships. But not many know the actual truth. The truth about the virtuous aspect of this god. The series traverse the journey of Shani, right from his birth to becoming the most powerful planet God. To being called the Lord of Karma who took birth to create a balance between Good and Evil and who shows people the right path to good karma. Watch and get enthralled with this intriguing journey on the life of Shani- The God of Karma.

Category: Mythology

Production Year: 2016-17

Episodes: 346 X 30’

Ep: 1 – 208

Ep: 209 – 346

Contact Information

Jhanvi Sangani – M- +91 9819861131

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