Pishachini (The Evil Witch)


Rani – the Pishachini comes across as an extremely beautiful girl in her normal avatar but is actually an evil witch. She entices you such that she promises to give you whatever you want and desire but once you make a deal with her, she takes away everything and leaves you with nothing but despair.

The story is about a Rajput family from Bareilly who were confronted by a dark entity- Rani when they had unknowingly bought a piece of land on which she was dwelling. With the help of a sage, they manage to capture the witch and bury her in a box.

20 years later, Rakshit- the male protagonist (who is one of the sons) falls prey to the wiles of Rani and brings her back to Bareilly. While the Rajput family is enchanted by Rani, only Pavithra – the female protagonist (grand-daughter of the sage who put her away 20 years ago) senses Rani’s evil intentions and knows something is a miss.The story then takes a dramatic shift when both Pavithra and Rani become the daughter in laws of the Rajput family and the tale of Good V/s Evil begins.

Category:  Fantasy/Thriller

Production Year: 2022

Episodes: 114 X 30’

Contact Information

Jhanvi Sangani – Jhanvi.sangani@indiacast.com M- +91 9819861131

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