Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan (Betrayal)


Pakhi is a simple girl who believes that she is the ‘Luckiest child of the Universe’. Everything has been destined in her favour. Whatever she wants seems to fall in her lap without her making many efforts. Agasthya is the most handsome and successful man you can lay your eyes on. An irresistible billionaire with a brilliant mind. Their paths crossed by chance and they became best friends. Despite being from different backgrounds they could finish each other’s sentences. Everyone thought they would make a great couple!

Was this all a play of destiny or something more? As fate would have it, Pakhi falls for another man, and marries him. An unforeseen tragedy strikes and she loses her husband. Agasthya comes to her rescue only for her to realise that he was trying to play god in her life all along! He had been monitoring every move of hers, and made things happen that were seemingly perfect. Fanaa is the story of how Pakhi slowly but surely plots her revenge!

Category: Romance / Thriller

Production Year: 2021-22

Episodes: 155 X 30’



Contact Information

Jhanvi Sangani – M- +91 9819861131

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