Dil Se Dil Tak (Heart to Heart)


Dil Se Dil Tak is a story of Parth & Sharvari who are a perfect couple in every sense, madly in love with each other & excited to have a child that will reunite them with the estranged Bhanushali family & bring about everlasting happiness. But destiny had other plans, Sharvari miscarries & cannot conceive again. Now the couple are even more desperate for a child. They meet Teni an ex bar dancer, a money minded girl with many a imperfections. She becomes a source of great happiness as she agrees to be a surrogate mother to their child. But with great happiness comes a huge price when Teni falls in love with Parth. How does this challenge Parth & Sharvari’s perfect marriage?  

Category: Family / Romance

Production Year: 2017-18

Episodes: 345 X 30’

Contact Information

Jhanvi Sangani – Jhanvi.sangani@indiacast.com M- +91 9819861131

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