Sirf Tum (Obsessive Love)


Set against the backdrop of a medical college, ‘Sirf Tum’ highlights the nuances of a complicated relationship between two people, Ranveer and Suhani, who are two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together. Suhani is a simple girl who lives a sheltered life in the constant fear of her father and always adheres to her family’s wishes. She has strong beliefs about love and puts the needs of others ahead of her. However, when she decides to become a doctor and attend a medical college to pursue her dreams, her father allows her to do so only on the condition that her focus will only be on her studies.

But with destiny playing its trick, she crosses paths with Ranveer who is, unlike her, an impulsive and passionate guy who is pure at heart and goes after what he wants. He is a man of his words and would go to any extent to protect his loved ones. Though a bit reckless, he has a strong personality and believes in living in the moment. Fate brings Ranveer and Suhani together giving way to a new love story. As Ranveer’s fire-blazing nature causes a ripple in Suhani’s calm-water life, will this love story have a happy ending?

Category: Romance/ Family Drama

Production Year: 2021-22

Episodes: 212 X 30’

Contact Information

Jhanvi Sangani – M- +91 9819861131

Bhavishya Rao – M- +91 9820185478

Sheetal Mehra – M- +91 9820006549

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