Bepannah (Beyond Boundaries)


An impossible Love story of two strangers brought together by destiny; Bepanaah is the story of Aditya and Zoya and how they found love. After losing their spouses in an accident, Aditya and Zoya discover that their spouses were cheating on them and were together when they died. The world as they knew crashes around them but in that chaos, they find each other.

A relationship that starts with hate as they are in constant reminder to each other of what went wrong and yet; hate turns to friendship and eventually turns to love. The mystery around Pooja and Parth’s accident will open a lot of can of worms. Was it really an accident? Was it a Suicide ? Or was it a Murder? And the answers as they start tumbling out will affect Adi and Zoya’s life in a way that will keep bringing them together and pushing them apart.

Category: Romance

Production Year: 2018

Episodes: 186 X 30’



Contact Information

Jhanvi Sangani – M- +91 9819861131

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