What’s Wrong with My Boss


Duration: 18 eps * 30 min

Genre: Urban, Romance

Broadcast Date: 2/3/2023

Broadcast Platform: iQIYI

Director: YU Zhonghe


LIU Yinjun as LIU Xilai

ZHANG Muxi as TIAN Tian

ZHAO Huanran as LIU Xizhao

MA Qianqian as WEN Xian

As a domineering executive, LIU Xilai feels that he is too outstanding, but then he has a fatal weakness wherein he becomes dizzy whenever he sees red. When he meets the “brutal” Tian Tian, sparks fly…

LIU Xilai, the president of the company, is troubled by a blushing disease until he learns that Tian Tian, a young girl who would always challenge him, is his only antidote. Determined to keep her by his side, he has turned her into his executive assistant.

Contact: Yaonan Liu

Email: yaonan.liu@filmtag.cn

Phone: 13880005664

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