Destiny and Saving


Duration: 40 eps * 45 min

Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Fantacy

Broadcast Date: 2023

Broadcast Platform: Mango TV

Director: Kun Chi Mak. Weiji Li


ZHANG Yuxi as FENG Lixue, WU Chen, NI Huang

TONG Mengshi as MO Xiao, BAI Yan

Righteous and evil fighting for thousands of years. The leader of the Right Path, Fengyue Jianzun, and the demon star master Feng Xing, fought a decisive battle. The younger generations of the two, Shen Shao You and Feng Li Xue, became friends by chance. To protect his master, Shen Shao You pushed Feng Li Xue off the cliff. Feng Li Xue was rescued and taken away by Chong Hua, the first master of the Demon Cult. The fate of the two has since been rewritten. Feng Li Xue will become the leader of the demon cult, while Shen Shao You will become the leader of the Right Path, destined to meet and kill each other.

Contact: Yaonan Liu


Phone: 13880005664

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