I Know I Love You


Duration: 24 eps * 45 min

Genre: Drama, Romance

Broadcast Date: December 25, 2023

Director: LV Yulai


ZHANG Wanyi as ZHAO Jin

SUN Yi as XU Nuo

GU Yuhan as ZHAO Qin

Florist Xu Nuo is jaded by a decade of unsuccessful romance. Her life seems to have ground to a juddering halt, but her family wants her to marry a man she has no feelings for. Her path crosses with that of Zhao Jin, a vet who is also at a crossroads in his life. He is weighed down by responsibilities to his family. Fate also appears keen to push him toward marriage. With suitable candidates being selected for them, it seems rotten luck has struck – Xu Nuo and Zhao Jin start to feel the irresistible pull of love. In their desperation, they wonder if they can simply remain platonic friends. But being near Zhao Jin helps heal Xu Nuo’s emotional scars. And for Zhao Jin, being with Xu Nuo brings him a sense of happiness he has never experienced before. Social pressures begin to mount, however – and the moment of reckoning draws near.

Contact: Yaonan Liu

Email: yaonan.liu@filmtag.cn

Phone: 13880005664

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