Lady Revenger Returns from the Fire


Duration: 24 episodes * 35 min

Genre: Romance, Costume

Broadcast Date: 2024 TBD

Broadcast Platform: Tencent

Director: LI Hongyu


XU Lu as SHEN Danqing

WEl Zheming as XU Chengfeng

LIU Xiening as LUO Ai’lian


Luo Ai’lian was stabbed in the back and was waiting for dead. With someone’s help, she replaced an escort young master Shen Danging’s identity and started to secretly revenge. During the time, Shen Danging met &u Chengfeng who was looking for a missing map. These two people from mutual suspicion to trust each other, and they finally go to the journey of life together.

Contact: Yaonan Liu


Phone: 13880005664

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