Beijing Filmtag Technology Development Co., Ltd.


Beijing Filmtag Technology Development Co., Ltd. is founded in Beijing by industry veterans. The Filmtag team members have been engaged in the industry for decades, focusing on international market development of domestic content, including IP incubation, film and TV series distribution, social media platform operation and KOL marketing, formed an overseas multi-channel and multi-level matrix. It has provided a one-stop solution of overseas social media operation services for many domestic copyright holders, forming a large-scale media matrix to reach audiences in different languages in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. The team keeps pace with the development of international streaming media, and is proficient in the development and application of new technologies, and has the advantage of building accounts and increasing the number of followers rapidly in a short period of time. The team has multiple million subscription accounts on YouTube and Facebook with over 100 million views.

Contact: Yaonan Liu


Phone: 13880005664

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