Love Heals


Duration:36 eps x 45 min

Genre:Modern, Romance

Release Date:2023-2-10

Director:YANG Yang(A Dream of Splendor,Ever Night)

Casts:PENG Guanying(The Confidence,To Dear Myself), WANG Churan (Oh My General,Held In the Lonely Castle)

Seven years ago, Ruan Liuzheng and her longtime crush, senior fellow Ning Zhiqian, had a flash marriage and a quick divorce. Seven years later, they reunite in the Neurosurgery Department, transitioning from former spouses to mentor and disciple. The two of them embark on a series of bittersweet yet heartwarming healing stories in their workplace and personal lives.


Heity Zhang
International Distribution
Shanghai Youhug Media Co., Ltd
Mob/Wechat: +86 15202186800
WhatsApp: +65 96214580

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