I Will Find You A Better Home


Duration:53 eps x 45 min


Fang Si Jin is a rising star at her real estate company headquarters. Her mentor dispatches her to the Jinyi branch in Shanghai, which has been suffering from declining sales. Si Jin joins the store as a double-manager with Xu Wen Chang, a “nobleman” who is kind and can’t bear to fire his underperforming employees. Initially disdainful of Wen Chang’s benevolence, Si Jin focuses on instilling greater discipline within the team. But unlike the cutthroat environment at HQ, the warm and inviting atmosphere of Jinyi’s branch has its own value too. Si Jin’s new team supports one another as they strive to help their clients settle down and build their lives. And as Si Jin grows closer to Wen Chang, they both gain something unexpected—the sense of home they’ve always yearned for.

Contact: Ashlee Xiao ashlee.xiao@youhugmedia.com  +86 15220086566


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