Gen Z


Duration:40 eps x 45 mins

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Released date : 2023-5-14

Director : HAN Xiaojun(The Ming Dynasty 1566,With You)

Screenwriter: Liu Liu (I Will Find You A Better Home)

Casts : WU Gang(In the name of people,Joy of Life)

ZHAO Lusi (Love Like The Galaxy,The Long Ballad )

Sun Toutou, fearless and orphaned, unexpectedly gets into trouble while fighting injustice. After discovering her background, Professor Ren Xinzheng of the Traditional Chinese Medicine University enrolls her in the TCM Heritage Program, guiding her towards a fresh start. Determined, Sun Toutou embarks on a path of learning under Ren’s Guidance, carrying forward the tradition.


Heity Zhang
International Distribution
Shanghai Youhug Media Co., Ltd
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