Legally Romance


Duration:33 eps x 45 min

Genre:Modern, Romance, Fantasy

28-year-old Qian Wei is a paralegal, and her immediate boss Lu Xun is her former classmate. Qian Wei believes that Lu Xun‘s refusal to miss her classmates suppressed her indifferently because she had offended him when she was at school, so she blamed others, while thinking about how to please Lu Xun so as to get rid of the difficult situation in the workplace. But in a coma caused by an accident, Qian Wei dreamed that he was 19 years old and realized that Lu Xun’s attitude towards her might be another way of caring. When Qian Wei woke up, she tried to get closer to Lu Xun‘s inner world, and found that he was upright and warm, and she also felt the love he has always cared for her……


Heity Zhang
International Distribution
Shanghai Youhug Media Co., Ltd
Mob/Wechat: +86 15202186800
WhatsApp: +65 96214580

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