Estimated Release: Q4,2024

Duration:34 eps x 45min (TBC)

Genre: Costume, Romance

Director : ZENG Qingjie (A Familiar Stranger)

Screenwriter:JIA Binin(Legally Romance, Summer’s Desire)

Casts: Meng Ziyi (The Untamed), Li Yunrui (Love Like The Galaxy灿烂)


The heiress of the Dou family, is accidentally reborn and teams up with with Song Mo, who is bearing a family grudge. Together they save their families from destruction, vindicate the unjust cases of loyal officials and keep the country in peace.


Heity Zhang
International Distribution
Shanghai Youhug Media Co., Ltd
Mob/Wechat: +86 15202186800
WhatsApp: +65 96214580

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