Tik Tok House


Genre: Sitcom comedy

Quantity: 2 seasons 24 episodes

Premiere date: 27 August 2021-22

Language: Kazakh/Russian

Timing: 25 minutes   

The Innovative Youth Support Fund decides to launch a youth project with a good budget. The head of this fund, together with his assistant, come up with a cunning plan to launder the allocated money. According to their plan, they need to come up with a project for which they will allocate money and quickly ruin it. The project will be written off as a failure, and the money will be divided in half. Only a person responsible for this failure is needed, a scapegoat is needed. This is where one of the main characters comes in. The assistant suggests a young unsuccessful producer – Alibek (Alik), once a successful producer, now an unemployed “loser”. He is so indebted to everyone that he is not interested in anything other than money, and therefore he will easily agree to any adventure. Assistant’s bet is triggered. Alik quickly agrees and even proposes a project to create TikTok House himself. And as for breaking it up in a short time, it’s time to spit for him, he is special in this.

Contact information:

Zhapparova Gaziza (Deputy General director) email: g.zhapparova@almaty.tv

Komova Bayan (Content acquisition manager) email: b.komova@Almaty.tv

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