Genre: Drama

Quantity: 12 series

Premiere date: October 31, 2022

Language: Kazakh

Running time: 26 minutes

Mariyam 25-year-old kelin (daughter-in-law) living in a traditional family Immediately after school, she was married off without giving a chance for education, she was trained all her life to be only a wife and mother. Mariam does not have a good relationship with her mother-in-law: she constantly makes everything difficult for her, calls her a lazybone and reproaches that the girl could not give birth to a son. And also, it encourages to give birth again, regardless of the wishes of the daughter-in-law. Mariyam’s husband Sagynysh turns a blind eye to this, constantly taking the side of his mother. The family actively discusses Mariam’s hobby, her joy is cooking desserts. In their village, delights like chocolate mousse or tiramisu are simply not understood. And later Mariam decides to leave her husband and drastically change her life.

Contact information:

Zhapparova Gaziza (Deputy General director) email:

Komova Bayan (Content acquisition manager) email:

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