Genre: Situational comedy

Quantity: 15 episodes   

Premiere date: October 2018   

Language: Kazakh

Timing: 25 minutes   

Target audience: 12+

In the center of the plot is an ordinary family, where the main wealth of the parents is three daughters. It is around these three beauties that the action unfolds. All girls are completely different in character. One is a teacher and is completely passionate about studies and science, the second works as a radio host, very modern with bold views on life. But the third is a spoiled everybody’s favorite in the family, self-confident and sometimes capricious. And unexpectedly for everyone, at the age of 20, she decides to get married. The parents did not support the marriage of the youngest daughter, since the elder daughters are supposed to get married first. This is where the kenzhe (younger) decides to take the situation into her own hands, that is, she begins to independently seek happiness for her older sisters. But there’s a lot more to come before the happy ending. Funny to tears, dramatic and making you think about the most important and eternal values, situations.

Contact information:

Zhapparova Gaziza (Deputy General director) email:

Komova Bayan (Content acquisition manager) email:

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