Woh Apna Sa Family Drama



Woh Apna Sa revolves around Aditya, a man in a troubled marriage with Nisha, who finds his soulmate in another woman, Jhanvi. Jhanvi and Nisha are complete opposites of each other; while Jhanvi is compassionate, loving and everything Aditya could want in a partner, Nisha is the perfect hihg-society wife, cold-hearted and manipulative. Aditya and Jhanvi are strongly drawn towards each other, but their love must stand up to the challenges thrown by the wicked Nisha.

Promo Link                                         https://vimeo.com/390925749/8970eed526

English Sub. Screener Link           https://vimeo.com/232316862/8d11c68e54


Manjyot Sandhu
Region Head Syndication — Europe & Middle East
ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited
E-mail: Manjyot.s@atl.esselgroup.com
Phone: +971528392399


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