Qaatil Haseenaon Ke Naam / Deadly Damsels


Thriller, Suspense

Ensconced in fog, three veiled women are holding a blood-soaked package of the last remains of Zehra, the beautiful but wayward wife of Najji Shah. The doctor, the police, the judge, the mafia are all complicit in destroying the evidence of the murder. As this story of deceit, treachery, love, and lust unfolds, we stumble over murderous plots unfolding in other households. As each episode breaks through the darkness and brings to light the story of a woman betrayed and a woman avenged, the stories begin to coalesce, and the lines begin to blur between right and wrong.

50′ x 06


Manjyot Sandhu
Region Head Syndication – Europe & Middle East
ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited
Phone: +971528392399

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