Kumkum Bhagya Season 1




Kumkum Bhagya is a family drama portraying the lives of Sarla Arora and her two daughters, Pragya and Bulbul. Sarla runs a marriage hall, but it proves inadequate for them. Realising Sarla’s ordeal, Pragya supports her by working as a teacher. Bulbul, on the other hand, leads a carefree life. Later, fate brings Pragya close to Abhishek Mehra, a rock star, whom she eventually marries. But her relationship with him becomes a thorn in the flesh for his sister Alia Mehra and his ex-girlfriend Tanu.   

Promo Link                                         https://vimeo.com/394870325/cd449f96e5

Russian Dubbed Screener Link   https://vimeo.com/302055696/51655169f0


Manjyot Sandhu
Region Head Syndication — Europe & Middle East
ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited
E-mail: Manjyot.s@atl.esselgroup.com
Phone: +971528392399


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