Piya Albela




The show is a modern day take on the ancient Vishwamitra – Meneka classic. Based in Uttarakhand, the story is about a young talented girl, seeking financial support and offered an unusual job! A business tycoon needs her help to get his son out of the ascetic life (Vairagi) he has been so far living. At first she is hesitant to accept this challenge but she takes it up considering the money offered. In this journey, she discovers the reason for the male protagonist’s reason to live an ascetic life; and will eventually develop a connection with him! The story will take audiences through her journey.

Promo Link                                         https://vimeo.com/394870283/c7b62d9e5d

Russian Dubbed Screener Link   https://vimeo.com/427251941/8623a1f0cd


Manjyot Sandhu
Region Head Syndication — Europe & Middle East
ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited
E-mail: Manjyot.s@atl.esselgroup.com
Phone: +971528392399


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