‘Never Give Up’, from Globo, arrives in Poland, Bulgaria, El Salvador and Uruguay


Production is by Rosane Svartman, author of hits such as ‘Total Dreamer’ and ‘A Life Worth Living’

Shown on Globo between January and August 2023, ‘Never Give Up’ is already reaching new audiences around the world. Through agreements with TVN (part of the Warner Bros Discovery group), bTV Media Group (CME Group), TCS and Teledoce, the production reaches Poland, Bulgaria, El Salvador and Uruguay, respectively. The telenovela was created and written by Rosane Svartman (‘Total Dreamer’ and ‘A Life Worth Living’) with artistic direction by Paulo Silvestrini (‘Rules of The Game’) and features names such as Sheron Menezzes (‘A Life Worth Living’), Emílio Dantas (‘Edge of Desire’), Samuel de Assis (‘Rensga Hits’), Carolina Dieckmann (‘Rules of The Game’ and ‘Precious Pearl’) and José Loreto (‘Pantanal’) in the cast.

‘Never Give Up’ tells the story of Sol (Sheron Menezzes), a woman of faith, mother, warrior, seller of packed lunch, who runs after her dreams, without losing confidence that everything will work out. At a time when the family is experiencing financial difficulties, Sol receives an invitation to work with Lui Lorenzo (José Loreto), a seductive pop singer. This turn of events in Sol’s life causes her to meet Benjamin (Samuel de Assis), her youthful crush, and Theo (Emilio Dantas), of whom she has bad memories.

“We have a story full of conflicts, humor, romance, and which deals with contemporary themes that cross the lives of all the characters: from the youngest to the most experienced. These are dramas that should entertain, move, make us cheer and think. We have characters who get it right and make mistakes, learn and make mistakes again, even though they try to get it right… They are human characters, imperfect, like us. And the telenovela talks about hope, faith and moving forward even in the midst of adversity, believing in a better future”, defines author Rosane Svartman.

With TVN, in Poland, ‘Never Give Up’ is scheduled to premiere this month on the TTV channel and the Player streaming platform. Globo’s partnership with TVN has already brought other Rosane Svartman shows to the country, such as ‘A Life Worth Living’ and ‘Total Dreamer’, as well as other hits such as ‘Brazil Avenue’, ‘Seven Lives’ and ‘Trail of Lies’.

In Bulgaria, ‘Never Give Up’ is scheduled to premiere next year on bTV Media Group’s channels. The production is also licensed to be shown on the group’s streaming platform Voyo. The partnership also includes titles such as ‘Pantanal’, ‘A Woman’s Fate’, ‘Aruanas’ and the two seasons of ‘Hidden Truths’.

On Teledoce, in Uruguay, the telenovela premiered on October 10th. Recently, the channel aired Globo shows such as ‘Pantanal’ and ‘The Path’. In El Salvador, ‘Never Give Up’ arrived on October 12th on the Canal 6 of Telecorporación Salvadoreña and the agreement also includes the screening of ‘Rising Sun’. Other Globo productions, such as ‘The Path’, ‘Time After Time’ and ‘God Save the King’ have also aired on the channel.

During its exhibition in Brazil, from January to August 2023, ‘Never Give Up’ won over the public and reached more than 159 million people. It was no different on social media either, there were more than 4 million tweets commenting on the telenovela and its characters*.

“‘Never Give Up’ is a contemporary, light work that addresses relevant themes, such as racial and religious diversity. We are happy with its impact in Brazil and that it is already traveling the world. We believe that the telenovela will continue to win over audiences in different countries, as it is a production that speaks a lot to today’s society in several aspects. Rosane has other successes in the international market, such as ‘Total Dreamer’ and ‘A Life Worth Living’, and ‘Never Give Up’ has the elements to follow the same path”, comments Gabriel Bonelli, Head of International Sales.

*Source: Kantar IBOPE Media. Instar Analytics. PNT + Regular Squares. Total Households. Rat% and Shr% (TLE). TT. Individuals ATS and COV%. Individual Projection based on EDTV 2023 (Kantar): 207.500.469. Twitter Enterprise Powertrack:16/Jan to 12/Aug/23.

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Globo Communication
São Paulo, October 2023

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