Globo closes deal with Ampersand Fiction and takes ‘Pantanal’ to Poland


‘Pantanal’ continues to conquer new audiences and now arrives in Poland. Due to an agreement with Ampersand Fiction, the production will be shown on Novelas+ and its streaming platform. The new version of ‘Pantanal’ was adapted by Bruno Luperi and is expected to be released in December in the country. The plot was written 32 years ago by Benedito Ruy Barbosa.

Audience leader* during its broadcast in Brazil, the telenovela reached channels such as Chilevisión, in Chile, Telefe, in Argentina, and Telefuturo, in Paraguay, in addition to SIC, in Portugal and HRT, in Croatia. The production is also available in Latin America (except Brazil) on the Paramount+ platform.

The deal with Ampersand Fiction also includes the licensing of two International Emmy-winning telenovelas: ‘Empire’ and ‘Precious Pearl’. With Alexandre Nero (‘The Path’ and ‘Brave Woman’), Lilia Cabral (‘Edge of Desire’ and ‘Looks & Essence’) and Marjorie Estiano (‘Under Pressure’) in the cast, ‘Empire’ tells the story of José Alfredo, owner of a jewelry business and obsessed with power.

‘Precious Pearl’ follows the romance between Franz and Amélia, played by Bruno Gagliasso (‘Merciless’) and Bianca Bin (‘The Other Side of Paradise’), and the obstacles they need to face in order to be happy with their daughter Pérola (Mel Maia, from ‘Brazil Avenue’).

“We are very happy to bring these Globo successes to Eastern Europe and continue to engage the region’s audience. We want our content to reach an ever-increasing audience and thus get to know our Brazilianness, which together with our quality are our differentials. Last year, also in partnership with Ampersand Fiction, we took ‘Brazil Avenue’ and ‘Sweet Diva’ to the territory and I am sure that new opportunities will arise from this agreement”, comments Guilherme Jordão, Content Distribution & Partnerships.

“Our collaboration with Globo started in 2022 with ‘Sweet Diva’ and the international hit ‘Brazil Avenue’ and is being reinforced today with 3 new amazing series. We are delighted to partner with such an iconic company and we are looking forward to an ever closer cooperation in the future” says Mathurin Beauvert, Head of Fiction.

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Globo Communication
São Paulo, July 2023

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