Tears Of A Brıde



17-year-old Yeşil is raped by her uncle’s son and becomes pregnant.  While she is being married off to her rapist, a famous football player serving in the region,Ersin, kidnaps her from her wedding. The groom kills Ersin and Yeşil kills the groom.  Yeşil goes to prison and grows up there with his two children. When Yeşil is released, she wants to guarantee the lives of his children and when she is released she will go to Ersin’s family and tell them that the children are Ersin’s. The plan works, albeit with difficulty, thanks to the friendships Yeşil makes in prison. But something unforeseen awaits Yeşil, he will fall in love with Ersin’s twin brother Yasin and Yasin will fall in love with him.


URAS ISIK   isik.uras@trt.net.tr   +905055323493

www.trtsales.com /  https://vimeo.com/user21493967

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